By default when exporting the data, it will export all data. Either it may be a post, page, media or content.

  1. Go to wordpress admin panel.
  2. Next Go to Users > Add New
  3. how do i export post 1
  4. Create new user by filling mandatory details. and click add new user.
  5. how do i export post 2
  6. Now go to pages or post.
  7. Click any one page for editing. or click Quick edit.
  8. how do i export post 3
  9. Next choose the author as newly created user as Author. then click save.
  10. how do i export post 4
  11. Next go to Tool -> Export.
  12. Click pages.
  13. how do i export post 5
  14. choose newly create author and click download export file.
  15. how do i export post 6
  16. Thats it. Now you can import the file which will have a specific page content.


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